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VAARMOR Lighting FZE LLC started in Online Business  since September 2021. VAARMOR Lighting  made a reputation for good quality products Modern Style Product . As a result of great demand Online Shopping Saving your Valuable Times and best price,        

VAARMOR Lighting  is known for providing and supplying high class quality, modern and contemporary lighting products.  We offer products and services to interior designers, home owners, contractors, architects and corporate clients. You will find latest styles, materials and prices to fit your home or business décor, personal preference and budget.

We have an extensive range of LED Lighting Fixtures that cater to diverse customer needs. From indoor lighting for homes, offices, and retails spaces to outdoor lighting for public spaces  highways, and parking lots ,we offer a comprehensive product portfolio .our product are always up-to-date with advances technologies ,such as smart control and sensors , to enable maximum energy savings and flexibility in use 

At VAARMOR Lighting ,we understand the importance of meeting customer needs and provinding a delightful experience .Hence prioritize customer satisfaction and offer personalized consultations, customization ,

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and preserving our planet's natural resources. therefore, every product that we offer is designed with energy  efficiency in ensuring minimal environmental impact.

In summary

VAARMOR Lighting is a vibrant company with a mission to transform the lighting industry through sustainable ,smart, and responsive solotions.Contact us today to join the movement of transforming the world with quality lighting



To become the leading Online  lighting solution provider of the lighting industry in the UAE and across the African  region and enriching to our clients  success.


To provide cost effective, energy saving, high quality lighting solution in Middle East and Africa supported by after sales service aimed at creating customers for life.

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